02 January 2009

Rekorderlig Wild Berry

This is one that intrigued Brian while he was buying beer at the local LCBO. After all, any kind of liquor from a foreign country with an unpronouncible name deserves a proper review, and after the horror of Corporal's Brown Bitter Ale, we needed a change of pace. The description on the can states this product is "Swedish pear cider from Vimmerby. Wild berries flavoured. Serve well Chilled" and has an abv of 7%. From the description and alcohol content, I can only assume the name means "panty remover" in Swedish. After noticing the the blush wine colour and fuity smell, Michelle quickly grabbed a glass, drank and exclaimed "that's good!" (which somewhat confirmed my suspicions about the name of this drink). While it should be noted that even green NyQuil would taste good after the Corporal's Brown Bitter, Brian and I both agreed this is a total chick drink, and would be placed in the same catagory as high-sugar low-alcohol drinks that are popular with women, such as Arbour Mist and Alize. However, Michelle also stated that you could tell a night getting pissed up on this would result in a wicked hangover, and quite likely the embarassment of realizing you are no longer in possession of your panties (guys take note!).

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Timbe said...

I actually came across this cider a little while ago, and upon trying it I was immediately impressed. I was expecting something bitter, it being next to drinks like Strongbow and Gaymers. This, however, has easily become my favourite drink, after Gray Fox chardonnay. Definitely worth trying. Also, nice review. It's helped my friends get into this cider as well.