02 December 2008

Pernod 68 Absinthe

This was my first encounter with the Green Fairy. I picked this baby up at my local LCBO after hearig that absinthe was finally available in Ontario liquor stores. While not the best absinthe I have ever drank (far from it, actually), it is much better than the Czechsinthe that allegely makes you TripBallz and is about as close to real absinthe as homemade corn whiskey is to a fine single-malt Scotch. Regardless, here is my original review of Pernod 68 that I wrote in January 2007:

I tried this stuff on Monday morning. Personally, I hate sugar in my drinks so I didn't bother with the sugar ritual. I poured a good shot and mixed it with ice-cold water until it turned a cloudy death-green (kinda like the colour of really old antifreeze out of a '72 Gremlin that has been on blocks in your parent's backyard since '81). It had a rather pleasant bitter-licorice flavour. I sat back and drank the glass down and have only one thing to say:

This shit hits you like Fred Vogel's hammer in August Underground.

I was sitting in my family room drunk at 8:00 AM. Though I must say it wasn't a brutal buzz you would expect if you knocked back a glass of 151 or chugged half a bottle of T-Bird. It was kinda strange. So like an idiot, I poured another one to see what I would feel like after 2 of them. After the second glass I was properly drunk and went to bed falling into the deepest sleep I have had in months (with the exception of the times I took lorazepam for insomnia).

Surprisingly, I had no hangover. I had a slight headache when I first woke up which had more to do with deep sleep than anything else. Nothing that wasn't cured by a couple codeine-laced aspirins and a cup of coffee. I really don't think I would want to go Van Gogh and get smashed on this stuff. At 68% alcohol, I can see what possessed the man to cut his own ear off.

Originally posted on 26 January 2007

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